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Chris Chasse leaves Rise Against!

“When you roll out to see us on the My Chem tour this month, you’ll 
notice a fresh face amidst our ugly mugs. Sadly, Chris our guitar 
player has stepped aside in the face of what we agree is an 
overwhelming tour schedule stacked on growing pressures and demands. 
Yes, the Rise Against curse continues… 
“Rise Against was the best three years of my life. I’ve met so many 
amazing people and been all over the world with the best friends anyone 
could ask for. I’ll never stop writing or playing music. Thank you to 
everyone over the past few years for all of the love and support. Hope 
to see you all again soon. xxx.” – Chris Chasse
“Stepping up to the plate is longtime friend Zach Blair from the mighty 
Only Crime. We coudn’t be more excited about this new addition to the 
family and look forward to a full year of touring worldwide with Zach 
at our side. Only Crime has issued warrants for our arrest in the theft 
of their beloved axe-man, but rest assured they plan to soldier on with 
a replacement in support of their genius new record “Virulence.” What 
you haven’t heard it yet?! Shame…”

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