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Against Me! at Starland Ballroom

Ah what a night! Rajon and I just got back from Starland Ballroom and I could say I had an AWESOME time. The first  band to open was Fake Problems. Some of their songs were a little bit catchy but I didnt really catch onto the vocals much. There was just something about that band that I didnt like. The next band up was River Boat Gamblers. I dig these dudes. The singer reminded me of Adam from Taking Back Sunday…he had a way with the microphone and had so much energy. And Luke from Gorilla Biscuits did an amazing job on drums. I really think i’ll catch onto these guys. Between River Boat Gamblers set and Against Me!’s set we hung out with our good friends in the Gaslight Anthem. We then realized that the “BOSS,” was right next to us. So we drooled and stared and we were all starstruck. So I decided I should hangout with him. I went up to the BOSS and got to talk to him. By far one of the best experiences in my life. Funny thing was I was one of the first chics of the night to go up to Bruce. He is a very chill guy. Up next was Against Me! I’ve been meaning to see these guys live for a very long time but missed them every chance I had. They played a lot of songs off Americans Abroad. If you havent seen AM! yet then you should definately check them out the next time they are in your area. They have so much energy and put on such a great show!

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  1. 03/03/2007 at 11:37 pm

    Who was Bruce there to see? It’s still awesome he was there, nonetheless, but i’m curious.

  2. rajondtm
    03/04/2007 at 12:46 am

    Aparently Bruce’s kid is an Agtainst Me! fan. Bruce was chillin at the bar while his kid was having fun. Bruce was sippin on beer and whiskey all night. He even snagged a water when the bartenders weren’t looking!

    Some people tell me he was actually singing along to Against Me!

  3. 03/04/2007 at 5:10 pm


  4. laura
    01/14/2008 at 7:01 am

    actually the truth is as follows: he was drinking beer and water all nite cuz he was driving his son home…. he was buying me and my friends the whiskey shots… yes he was singing along.. not only is his son a fan….

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