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Worthless United to Reunite in Asbury Park

As posted in their most recent blog:

“As most of you know WORTHLESS UNITED broke up in December 2003. We played 2 farewell shows in November 2004. Most of you also know that Zak has been playing with THE RATCHETS and Steve with RIVER CITY REBELS. Well, when RATCHETS & RCR booked a couple shows together in May there was talk of doing a surprise WORTHLESS UNITED set at some of the shows. We’ve decided not to keep it a secret and have officially added ourselves to the Asbury Park show. To make things even sweeter, it’s with THE DRAFT, which is a bonus for us since one of our last tours was with HOT WATER MUSIC and very fond memories we have of our time spent with them. Let us forewarn everyone of a couple of things. We will only be playing a half set. Maybe four, five, maybe six songs tops. And it will be very rusty as we have no intention of actually practicing together. We were always good on stage, we get along quite well hanging out, it’s those damn practices that always seem to make us want to kill each other. And of course there is also totally the chance that once we see each other we may just decide to punch each other in the face and never even play a note. With that said we do hope that we will see some of you at the show, and of course, even if we totally stink or kill each other at least there are 3 other bands that we promise will be awesome. You get more info about the show and a link to buy tickets at www.chunksaah.com.”

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