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The Last Kill Your Idols Show


As posted in their blog:

“Gary here. I can’t go to sleep until I say something about what just happened tonight. However, before I go any further, I’d like to thank EVERYONE on behalf of all of us in KYI….All of you who saved your money to buy plane tickets, traveled long distances by car…and just in general for showing up. This weekend has been amazing. I wanna apologize for the show being shut down. I’m sure more precautions could have been taken that we overlooked. But I wanna thank Toons and everyone else involved with Smithtown masonic temple collective for doing the work and for being in this with us. ThE place is probably shut down for HC shows for good…I’m sorry. It’s a shame.

I wanna say sorry to all of you who might have missed out on the last minute shindig we pieced together thanks to the help of the guys in Down in the Fourth.

Here’s where things got interesting.”

We decided to try and salvage the evening for anyone who traveled long distances (Europe, Chicago, Detroit, Florida, LA…) by doing a small show in the Down in the Fourth practice space. Somehow, like 200 plus kids got wind of our plan and just showed up….and we ended up having to put it on out in the parking lot…at 10:30 at night!!!! We were shitting our pants. I was like, “I’m going to jail tonight, for sure”.  It went off as smooth as I think it could have. I never experienced anything like this before…But it was definitley testimony to what KYI has always been about from day 1. We could never exist if it wasnt for our friends…NOT FANS. FRIENDS..That is what I want to call all of you. And like my brother Ryan said when it was over.. “You guys couldn’t have written a better ending”.  This is what it has always been about for us. You have always been loyal to us and there for us. We will never forget it. This night almost sucked real bad for us. It turned around into something more special than anythingWe’ve ever experienced. This is why we were together for 12 years. This was surely a fine way to go out…swinging!! I know we only played a few songs, as not to push it with the authorities…but it’s not about how long we played or what songs we chose to play. It’s about the moment in time. The urgency of the moment. And that we got to share it with bunch of great friends. I felt like I was doing something that Black Flag would have done….except the cops were much more laid back about it…it was meant to be this way, I guess.

We will never forget how cool all of you have been to us over the years. Thanks for the memories. Thanks for everything. We love you all.”

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