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A Weekend Of Shows Pt I: Rise Against

June 29, 2007 By Rajon

It intrigues me when things come around full circle.  Rise Against were one of the bands that influenced us to create Define the Meaning Fanzine in the first place.  We thought, “Hey, if a band can bring back Hardcore Punk and become really successful at it without losing their integrity, then why not bring back the printed Fanzine?”

We had interviewed Rise Against about a year after Siren Songs of the Counter Culture had been released, and that interview was so successful that we decided that the band should grace the cover of Define The Meaning #1. 

Before I ask my  questions I want to mention that the reason for my publication is to bring back the common goals of unity and open mindedness to local scenes. Today, many of the ideals that made us love hardcore and punk rock have been pushed aside by complacency, violence, greed, selfishness, indifference, or separation. Although many of the people I keep in touch with are no longer in hardcore bands, I feel that those common goals that we grew up with should not fade away and stay in their hearts as they venture into a broader span of music. I thank you so much being a band that constantly reminds me of those ideals. – Rajon

Rajon, before I start, thanks for including us in what sounds like an amazing zine. I couldn’t agree with you more about the current state of punk and hardcore, it seems like I spend much of my time just closing my ears and eyes to the shit out there and hope that it goes away so we can all have our scene back..haha. To be someone who reminds you of these old ideals makes everything we’ve done worth it, and I appreciate your comment. -Tim

The purpose of attending this show at the Starland Ballroom was not only to see a great band perform, but also to return our thanks to them by giving them copies of our first issue that was released January 2006.   Not only did the band give an amazing performance, but some of the lyrics Tim sang penetrated through the crowd and resonated throughout the night.  There’s a line in a song “Swing Life Away” that goes: “I’ve got some friends, some that I hardly know.  We’ve shared some times I wouldn’t trade for the world.”  As he sung those lines, memories of Hardcore days past and gone sprung through my mind.  Days where familiar faces became close friends that I would only see once a week, and I would have done anything for them because they shared the same aspirations and acceptance that I do.

As Tim strung his “Out of Step” guitar and the band played widely popular songs, the crowd responded with such energy.  Included in their set were Minor Threat and Jawbreaker covers that few seemed to recognize.

After the show, the Define The Meaning team had the opportunity to hang out with the band and to hand over copies of our first issues.  The band seemed pleased and we exchanged some stories of the past couple years.  In addition, we also were introduced to their new guitar player,  Zach, who was once in GWAR, and shared some laughs with us about being in the band.


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