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A Weekend of Shows Pt II: Ronen’s Book Release

June 30, 2007 by Rajon

New Brunswick, New Jersey has been the stomping ground for much of the New Jersey Hardcore and Punk scene throughout the eighties, nineties, and today.  Venues such as The Melody and The Down Under as well as numerous basement shows provided a regular gathering place that housed such bands as The Bouncing Souls, Sticks and Stones, Ensign, and Lifetime.  The community that grew around the bands, the venues, and the people became the subject matter of a new reflective book by ex-Try.Fail.Try singer and ex-New Brunswick resident Ronen Kauffman.  The book is titled New Brunswick, New Jersey, Goodbye and is published by Hopeless Records/Sub City

This particular night celbrated the release of the book and was held at one of the last New Brunswick venues for Hardcore and Punk Rock, The Court Tavern.  The schedule of the night consisted of a spoken word by an old skinhead that frequented the New Brunswick scene, Pedro Angel Serrano.  Ronen had also collected a diverse array of New Brunswick bands to perform, old and new, and covered every spectrum of Hardcore and Punk.  For Science, Mother Night, one-time reunited Rock,Star, The Gaslight Anthem, and The Degenerics all provided the right atmosphere for the type of gathering that was taking place.

What stood out most about the event is that it seemed more like a party of familiar faces more than a punk show.  The majority of the crowd, demographically mid-twenties to early thirties, shared the evening with each other as if the last ten years of their life never happened.  It seemed as if memories of how they once were, looking for acceptance away from an alienating society, and finding it in New Brunswick, New Jersey, were restored.  It was very hard to leave this night, and was even harder to say goodbye to some I haven’t seen in almost ten years.  It may be another ten years until I see some of those faces again.

“Good times come and good times go.  I only wish the good times would last a little longer.  I think about the good times we’ve had, and why they had to end.”

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