It has been announced that Punkradiocast.com (Canada) and Define the Meaning Magazine (New Jersey) have joined forces.
Starting on September 16th, Define the Meaning will be aired on punkradiocast.com right after the PRC TOP 40 starting at 11PM to 12 EST. This will be the first of many shows to come as DEFINE THE MEANING will be aired weekly spinning the best of hardcore from the 80’s, 90’s and today.
“When I heard that Define the Meaning were interested in doing a live show on our station I really got the shivers. Their magazine has displayed AMAZING musical taste and I was honored to have them join our team. PunkRadioCast has always played hardcore, but never had a solid live show full of hardcore music and none stop hardcore music talk, but now all that is just history. Define The Meaning is what we have been looking for.” – Danny Keyes, Punkradiocast.com

“We plan to put in the same amount of energy/excitement/hard work that we put in the magazine into www.punkradiocast.com . This is such a great opportunity for Define the Meaning. Some of the things we plan to do with Define the Meaning on Punkradiocast.com are to interview hardcore/punk legends, upcoming acts, spin albums before they are released, have guest hosts, do give aways etc. It will be what you get in Define the Meaning Magazine and more but over the airwaves!”- Karen DTM

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