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Rumors of a Floorpunch Reunion

Rumors have been stirring on multiple messageboards on the internet about NJ’s Straight Edge band Floorpunch.  Allegedly Robbie Redcheeks has posted the following:

“ok since the rumor mill has been let out the gates & i have had a really trying month. i will be brief with this as i can. i will have a full info release once we get all the details squared away.

the day before Sound & Fury my mother (54 years old) was diagnosed with lukemia. after battling it in the hospital for exactly 1 month she passed away. this was very sudden. everything was fine 2 months ago. she passed away in her sleep with my stepdad, brother and me in the hospital with her.

i appreciate the friends that have been there for me and my family. joe HC especially. he really helped me deal with this more than anyone.

my mother was remarried when i was 20 to a good man. … she married into 5 kids and then had 2. most of the kids are grown up and out of the house at this point. but there is 3 young kids still there 11, 13, & 16.
the youngest is autistic & the best kid ever. my stepdad charlie is one of the best dads on the planet, and best husbands ever. he has always worked 3 jobs to keep the family a float, while my mother was raising a huge house full of kids.

right now im just trying to be there for my little brothers. this weekend was the funeral and looking at my brothers was the hardest thing i have ever had to do. yes its hard for me. but all i can think about is them. this is a time in a childs life where something like this can turn a kid on a good path, down the wrong one. i will do anything to keep them going straight.

the reason for a benefit show is to help my stepdad pay for the costs of the funeral ($8300) and the $5000 deductable on the month long hospital stay. not to mention the time he took off with no income to be at my mothers side the entire time. he stayed in the hospital room with her on a cot every night. this is what kind of man he is. i cant even put into words how much respect i have for this man. he is a working class hero. he is what family is.

my whole life i have had 2 families. the ones at home that i am related to. and the ones in the HC scene. i have spent my life involved with something great. i have made tons of friends that will be there forever just like family. i would do anything for both of these families. and this is just where one side of my family is helping the other side of my family.

joe HC & R5 are helping me with the show. as of right now i DO NOT have a confirmed date. it will be in late october or early november. i do have some confirmed bands though. yes floorpunch is one of them, and cold world is also playing. the other bands are in the works.

please do me a favor and do not email me regarding the show. as soon as i know whats up it will be posted. i understand people will want to come from far. so i will try to have it set with in a week.

i would like to thank porter, zev, kingshot, bill, & zusi for coming out of retirement to help an old friend out. thats what this is about. family helping famly.

i set up an email address if you want to write anything to my family or send your condolences. if you are looking to send donations you can also paypal at the same address.”

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    09/19/2007 at 7:06 pm
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