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Strung Out’s Van Stolen

While going through my myspace bulletins I came across this post by Strung Out

 “So our van and trailer just got stolen from our hotel here in Philly around 7:30am. We had just checked in and no more then 20 minutes later, Chris happen to look out the window and see our van driving out. Sure enough, it was skidrown mother fucker ripping it off. So we have lost ALL of our equipment, all of our merch, tons of personal stuff and we are pretty much fucked and stuck in a shitty Days Inn in a fucked up part of town in Philly. There was a double homicide 2 blocks down the road that we were watching about on TV so ya, not a nice part of town at all. Anyhow, if you live in Philly, please be on the look out for our van and trailer. Its a light blue ford E 350 15 passenger van with a white trailer with white rims. There is a bull skull mounted on the front of the grill. We are trying to think what to do. We will figure out how the show must go on though because we for sure dont want to or are we thinking about canceling the tour. We have a lot to figure out here…..”

Deftones had something to say about this post……

“The bulletin didn’t say what to do should you stumble upon a light blue E350 van with a dead animal’s head stuck to the front, but I’d imagine a phone call to 911 or an ass whipping of the thief may be in order. You may want to double check to make sure there’s not a relieved musician behind the wheel before taking the ass whipping route because kicking the ass of a recently victimized musician would truly be adding a great deal of insult to injury.Is this bad timing to go ahead and work in a plug as well? I think not.
When you’re done playing crime busters, go out and catch Team Sleep in a ciudad near you: “


Drummer Jordan Burns stated
“It was 3 really bad days in a row and it went from bad to worse. It all started in Virginia Beach were we had an amazing show but, it was for sure the most drunk Jake and Rob (more Jake) has ever been on stage and the crowd went fucking insane. We probably played like shit but fuck… it was a great time an everyone seemed to love it. So after the show, the drunkeness continues outside and Rob and some of the other guys are going off outside. Well anyhow, the police end up getting called and this total asshole cop shows up and we are told we are parked in a no loading zone and I get a $100 fucking ticket and so does I AM GHOST. Then some other shit went down and long story short, our guitar tech got arrested for (yes indeed some dumb drunken stupidity) slashing 4 bicycle tires. They came to our hotel to grab him…. so we figured we get him out in the morning. Nope… we find out he has not been given any bail and they won’t let him out. This is a fucking petty crime. He’s still in fucking jail until next Tuesday with still no bail available after seeing the judge once. Incredible. We feel helpless cause we can’t do anything. So, we head to DC. We played the show in DC and it was excellent. But our drum tech Metal Bob, started bleeding out of his ear and was in severe pain. He had to go to the emergency room where we later found he ruptured his ear drum. So we finally get out of the emergency room at 5am. We decide to drive a lil’ bit and then grab a hotel room. Well Jason’s driving and we stop at like 15 hotels and everyone is sold out. Jason finally finds this Days Inn in Philly (4200 Roosevelt Blvd.) that has rooms available. We are all beat and ready to get into our rooms and crash out. The first bad sign of course was the bullet proof glass at the reception but, we were all too tired to care. Anyhow, we all check into our rooms and I’m looking out our window for a spot to park the van closer to our room. I was getting ready to go out and grab my computer and my brand new hi-def video camera. All of a sudden Chris just happens to look out the window and sees our van driving out of the parking lot and he’s like “hey, who’s leaving in the van right… who’s driving the van” were like “WHAT” WTF??? We knew we JUST checked in so no one would be leaving and just like that, our fucking van and trailer are gone. There is video surveillance and we get to see this black car pull up on our van, scope it, pull away and then this low life piece of shit walks up to our van, breaks in (without breaking the window) hotwires or whatever he does to start the thing and he just drives off. It’s fucking incredible… broad daylight no more then 20 minutes after we checked in… our lives were seriously fucked over. EVERYTHING was in there. We of course called 911 and the police came but they where mostly busy with the double homicide that was going on 3 blocks or so from where we were. We were just royally fucked and all of us felt helpless. A million things go through your head I tell ya as they still are and will continue for a long time. It’s honestly been a really rough few days after this loss and I can’t help but to break down and get emotional after we play cause it just hits me hard and realizing that we have so much support… it’s seriously amazing. Things are really fucked right now and we have a lot of figuring out to do… EVERGREEN TERRACE is helping us out SO SO SO much and we love them. I AM GHOST is helping us out big time too and we love those guys as well. We’ve never had to deal with something so fucked up like this. We’ve surely had lots of shit to deal with in our years but, this takes the cake in the most fucked thing ever. Anyhow, I’m gonna wrap it up here a bit but, I see everyone asking questions, offering help, suggestions, etc… it’s all very appreciated for sure. Did we have insurance? Ya on the van but, insurance companies are fucked and we will only be covered on the van itself. Our gear and trailer… we’re fucked on. It’s a serious bigtime learning lesson. We will get Lojack and all the proper coverage next time around. Why are we in a van? Well, because the cost of a bus is $1000 a day on average. We’ve toured in all sorts of different vehicles… we just didn’t feel like wasting the cash on the bus this time. Doesn’t Fat Wreck pay for it? Fuck no… people are in dreamland and have no clue how things work. The van is great anyhow cause we interact more with each other and it’s been healthy for us. Ok, I’m done for now but wanted to say a few things… I will try to say more. Thanks to everyone that is showing us sympathy and concern here cause honestly for me, it really feels like someone died. – JB”

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