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Catching Up With With Honor About Upcoming Reunion

Recently we’ve announced that short-lived Connecticut Hardcore powerhouse, With Honor, will be reunited with their original line-up for three shows this January. This will be the first time all five original members will perform together since 2005. The shows will be thrown in benefit of Mike Gang, close friend of the band and an important part of the Connecticut Hardcore scene. We had the opportunity to speak with Jeff Aust, the band’s guitar player.

“I think we all figured there would have to be a show down the road where we’d be back with the original line- up. When we found out that someone who was close to the Connecticut scene, and had even booked one of the first Ambitions shows, passed away recently, the opportunity to help raise money for the family inspired us to make it happen. In addition, we knew Bane had some dates planned in January, so it seemed to make for the ideal situation.”

The band will play from January 10 to January 13 in New York, Connecticut, and Massachussetts. Participating bands include Bane, Outbreak, Have Heart, Crime In Stereo, and Silent Drive. Jeff concluded, “I’m excited to play the songs again, possibly for the last time, and I think the shows will be extra fun because we were able to get some of our favorite bands on the shows.”

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