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NYHC Documentary Will Finally Be Re-Released!

Los Angeles, CA, December 19, 2007 – Halo-8 Entertainment has secured North American distribution rights to the legendary documentary “N.Y.H.C.” by first-time director Frank Pavich, featuring Madball, Agnostic Front, VOD, Sick Of It All, and many more. Halo-8 has slated the film for a 2-disc DVD release on March 29th, 2008.“Frank Pavich captured a unique moment in the history of aggressive music: NYHC’s salad days of the mid-nineties,” said Matt Pizzolo, President of Halo-8. “The documentary is an important time-capsule of the days when NYC had a vibrant, aggressive musical subculture and venues that supported it. I loved the documentary when it was first released as an underground VHS tape, and I’m very excited to be involved in its first time on DVD–especially with all the brand-new material Frank shot for Disc-2 of the set.”

When asked about working with Halo-8 on the release, Pavich said “It’s refreshing to see a company not afraid to take chances on unconventional projects, so we are truly excited to be entering into a partnership with Halo-8. Not only do they understand and remain loyal to the punk and hardcore fans with whom this documentary will resonate but they also provide us with an opportunity to reach a wider audience, one that may be unfamiliar with our subject matter but who are willing and interested in looking into truly independent films. It’s very reassurring to know that companies like Halo-8 can survive and thrive when they stick to their core ideals and beliefs.”

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