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Resurrection Discography Out This Year

Imagine a band from New Jersey that was so musically insane and heavy. Mix that with songs about politics, Straight Edge, and Hardcore. Top that off with a ludicrous live show from a band that predates Dillinger Escape Plan and Converge, and you get Resurrection. Fronted by Rob Fish before his 108 days, this band combined complicated and chaotic guitar riffs with angry incoherent screams. Beginning in 1991, Resurrection gave the New Jersey Hardcore scene a swift kick in the ass with nothing its ever heard or felt before.

Resurrection disbanded in 1994, and their members went on to play in bands such as 108, Lifetime, Deadguy, The Judas Factor, Floorpunch, Kid Dynamite, Jets to Brazil, and Texas Is The Reason.

Deathwish Inc. have announced that they will be releasing a complete discography of Ressurection titled, “I Am Not: The Discography.” The original recording reels will be gathered and remixed by Kurt Ballou of Godcity Studios and Converge. The album will contain 19 songs, all collected from the bands albums, EP’s, compilation tracks, and demos.

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