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Interview: The Frantic

By Karen Mitchell

If there is a band I think you should all know about, it’s The Frantic from Chicago, Illinois. Although they are not defined as “hardcore” The Frantic proves to be one of the most energetic lively pop punk bands out there. Over the past month I got the chance to talk to Kyle Dee, lead vocalist of the band. Kyle talked about the bands new release ‘Audio and Murder,’ their upcoming tours, and what else is happening with the band. I hope you all enjoy this interview as much as I did.


Up until recently, I have not heard of The Frantic. Now I am seeing you guys in magazines such as Alternative Press, being played all over Punkradiocast.com and Q 101. How does it feel to be getting all this attention after the release of Audio And Murder?
We have been a really dedicated and hard working band since the start, and to be lucky enough to get help from such big names like those, it truly is great. Q101 especially is a hometown radio station that was always a dream of mine to be on. I actually used to have a fake radio station in my basement where I would record all of my songs, I pretended it was Q101 hahaha. We are very thankful to have those names on our team.

As a new fan of the band, I’d like to know more info about you guys. How did the band start and how long have you been around for? What made you guys want to start The
Music has always been my thing. Since I can remember I was always performing in front of anyone I could. I used to bring musical equipment to friends birthday parties and Brett happened to be at one of them. We clicked right away and from there it was a full time job. This was about 4 years ago. We were in 8th Grade.

I see you guys are from Chicago. What is the scene like in Chicago?
The scene is something I’m really proud to be a part of. A lot of great bands come out of Chicago, and to be following in their footsteps is pretty exciting. The fans are very supportive and always come out to the shows to get to know us. It’s been a big part of who we are.

One reason why I love your band is because each song brings out a different kind of energy and it gets me extremely excited about being involved in the punk scene. Where do you get all this energy?
A lot of it comes from the fact that we are still young guys. This is what we love to do and what we live for. On stage, I think we really feed off of each other’s fuel. We’re all the best of friends and to be sharing the same feelings, is incredible. It’s all about just having fun.

Talk about Audio And Murder. What is the story behind the album?
Audio and Murder is a collection of the things we have written and gone through since the beginning. The songs are mainly about having a good time with friends, parties, relationships, high school stuff. Mostly just lyrics that anyone can relate to.

You guys will be touring in the next year with One Small Step For Landmines. Do you guys get to choose whom you want to tour with and what are your favorite states to play?
We are really psyched to be heading out on tour with some new bands. It’s not so much up to us, right now we are just hoping to land a few opening slots on some national tours. We plan to stay on tour as long as possible. Being home is no fun. My favorite state so far would have to be Nevada. Every state has something completely different to it and I’m very glad that I get to experience most of them. We are about to play Florida for the first time. I can’t wait for that!

What is your typical crowd like? Are their certain types of crowds you do not like to play in front of?
Absolutely not. Sure there are certain crowds that give us different responses, but that’s all part of the game. I’d much rather win over new fans who wouldn’t normally listen to us, in a creative way. We try to make the crowd more of friends rather than just fans. It’s really cool to meet kids that feel the same way as us. Again, anyone from kids to adults can relate to us.


What were your top favorite albums for 2007?
I find that I am unable to stop listening to:
All Time Low- So Wrong It’s Right
The Used- Lies for the Liars
And definitely, Paramore- Riot

The New Year is right around the corner. How did 2007 treat you over all and what are you looking forward to in 2008?
I was able to accomplish many goals in 2007. No regrets and nothing that I would change. As for 2008, nowhere to go but up from here. I hope to progress in everything I do. We plan to tour, maybe Warped Tour again, and eventually record a new album!

Any upcoming bands you want to plug?
Danger is My Middle Name is one of my new favorites.
Treaty of Paris, The Elation, The High Court and A Kidnap in Color.
All are great new Chicago bands that should all be taken notice of.

For more information on The Frantic please visit them online:

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