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While I had the flu, 2 awesome bands announced they’re breaking up!

I really apologize about the lack of posts lately. Two weeks ago I had the really bad case of the flu, and I spent the last week recovering and playing catchup. Apparently the flu season was really bad this year, and flu shots only prevented about 40% of the viruses floating around.

But enough about me, I’m here to write about two awesome bands that announced that they will be breaking up: Folly and Modern Life Is War.

Hailing from North Jersey, Folly played their own brand of Hardcore, drawing from influences from old-school New York Hardcore to late-90’s Metalcore to Ska. Although I was not too aware of the band during their early days in the late-90s, I was blown away when I first heard their full length on Triple Crown in 2004 entitled Insanity Later. The way they combined heavy, screamy hardcore with ska and a few “finger-pointing” parts here and there sounded perfect to me.

I didn’t meet the guys in the band until 2005 when my old band played the Bamboozle festival with them. My band then played a few other shows with them soon after, and a good friendship started to grow. The two brothers in the band, Arben and Agim shared very common tastes with me as far as Hardcore and Punk music. And I’m happy to say that they’re very down to earth.

Folly was one of the first bands we had the opportunity to feature in Define the Meaning. Featured in Issue One, the band was very supportive of the idea of bringing back the art of the print zine. Karen and I met up with Arben and Agim at a Suicide Machines and Stretch Armstrong show in New York City in October 2005 where we shared laughs over a few beers. We conducted the interview with the guys while driving them back to New Jersey from the show. This conversation not only confirmed our similar tastes in music, but also confirmed their humbleness and fidelity.

Two weeks ago the band announced that they will be parting ways. I highly suggest that you read their official statement on their Myspace profile, as it is one of the most intelligent and heart-felt break-up announcements I have ever read. The band has scheduled three final shows in April that will be held in Connecticut and New Jersey. Good luck to all of the members of the band in their future endeavors.

I first heard Modern Life Is War while driving in my car listening to 89.5 FM WSOU and hearing Dead R.A.M.O.N.E.S. It blew my mind. It was a real song with real lyrics about the real experiences being in a Hardcore band, removing all pretenses that seemed to be overcrowding the Hardcore and Punk scene in 2005. That same day I drove to Vintage Vinyl to pick up copies of My Love My Way and Witness and became an instant fan. To my surprise, I found out this band was from Iowa. I mean, c’mon! What Hardcore band is from Iowa? But nonetheless, the music moved me. If this is the direction of where Hardcore is heading, then I’m jumping on board!

Define The Meaning featured Modern Life Is War in our second issue. I had the chance to interview their singer, Jeff, during a show they played with the Banner at Bloomfield Ave Cafe in January of 2006, which coincidentally was our New Jersey release show for Define The Meaning Issue One. I interviewed Jeff in the filthy, box-filled, smokey basement of the club while downing Budweizers supplied by Joey South Side, singer of The Banner. The most interesting thing about interviewing Jeff was realizing that, although he came from a small town in Iowa, our initial attractions to the Hardcore scene were very, very similar. In addition, because he frequently visited family here in New Jersey, his exposure to Hardcore stemmed from picking up records at Vintage Vinyl, the same store I bought their first two albums.

During the release of our second issue, Modern Life Is War became the new face of Deathwish Inc. It was to my absolute surprise that the band decided to leave the record label for Equal Vision, a decision I knew would either make or break the band. Sixth months after the release of their last album, Midnight In America, the band announced that they will break it. It’s unfortunate, really, because I saw their potential to be the next great Hardcore band. Although I wasn’t keen on Midnight In America, I was more than happy that they played one of the best shows I attended in 2007, which was located at a loft at Johnson Ave in Brooklyn, New York. Words couldn’t describe the feelings that were generated as I watched the band perform this show. It made me feel as though I knew exactly how shows were duriring the DC era of the early eighties. And even when the police showed up, taking into account that the show was an absolute fire hazard with potential underage drinking going on, the police did nothing but encourage the band to play even louder and harder. It was unbelievable. See for yourself, and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

The band will be playing the end of March to April across the US for their final tour, and will be playing their final show in their hometown of Marshalltown, Iowa on April 26.

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