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Define The Meaning News for March!

Hey all we have a lot going on so we wanted to share all the good news with you.
We are going to be featured in Hails & Horns for their March/April issue which is coming out soon! Please be sure to support our good friends and their mag. You can buy Hails & Horns at any record store/book store (Barnes & Nobles etc).

Over the weekend we were interviewed by Erik Raj over at NJFILMCORE.We will be featured in EP08! We’ll post up the link once the video is up on the interwebz!

Issue # 6 was released just a few weeks ago. You’ve been waiting long enough. Go out and buy it at Newbury Comics, FYE or any store listed on our myspace page. We have some great fucken interviews in #6 (Snapcase, Ian Mackaye, Punkradiocast.com)….you name it…its in there!
Check out the new District 9 song, “Addicts”, featuring Armando from F451/DDP at the Awake/Strong myspace.(http://www.myspace.com/awakestrong). It will be appearing on the comp “Music By People Like Us.” You can pre-order the comp at interpunk.com. When you do so you get a free-tshirt!!

click the banner.

We’ve also started to work on issue #7. We are stoked about issue 7 as we are going to shoot the cover ourselves!! It will be an exclusive DTM photo shoot!!! Patrick Stefano will be taking it. You can see some of his work in our previous issues of DTM. In case your wondering, he took the pics of GB in Issue 3!!

We aren’t going to announce yet who will be on the cover of issue #7 but all I can say is we are going to have 2 covers! One for the US and one for Canada. Look out for future posts, as they might have that info in them. 🙂

P.s. If you haven’t yet pick up The Evolution of a Cro-Magnon by Jon Josef. Its a great read!!

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  1. Karen
    03/04/2008 at 9:25 pm

    Thanks for stealing my myspace post =p

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