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Music Review: NRSV – Still Drinking

Still Drinking
Dignified Bastard

And behold, a brand new album from the NRSV guys! For those in the know, that should be enough of a review. For those of you who need an explanation, think of them as balls-to-the-wall, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants skinhead beer-core. If Murphy’s Law is Rated R, No Redeeming is NC-17. Opening this album is an homage of sorts entitled “Pussy, Pussy, Pussy” which just reaffirms this belief. The absurd vulgarity of G.G. Allin meets the screw-ball fun of Murphy’s Law! NRSV has never been better, and kept it quite real I might add, with anthemic sing-alongs glorifying the brew (Beer=Fun, Drinking Is Not A Game and All I Wanna Do Is Drink Beer) to proclaiming the downtrodden (I Hate Everyone, My Life Suxxx).  Included are also the best Bonus tracks ever to grace a CD, with the clear standout being “Anal Cunt Sucks (and they’re all gay)”, which is indeed, genius. That’s right, I said it, “fuckin’ genius”. Sometimes lewd, often zany, perhaps even obscene this classic NYHC outfit is back with the aptly titled “Still Drinking” proving that as hardcore “kids” get older they still know how to party… dark fun party.  – Ben Delloiacono


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