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Review: Scream! Hello – Smart & Stupid

Scream! Hello
Smart and Stupid
Red Leader Records

Pop rock for the whole family! 4 songs from these New Jersey dudes. These guys remind me of many of the NJ emo rock bands that were playing when the get up kids were pretty big circa 2000. These guys do their thing very well though. Mid-paced rock with some good hooks in the mix. There’s a slow song I can see myself drinking to the next time i get dumped. My only complaint with this one is that the recording sounds too good. I prefer a little muddier sound, but to each their own. listening to this inspired me to dig through my collection and listen to a 7″ I had by them from a few years ago, which is also good. – KEVIN DUNPHY

P.S. This album on repeat synchs up to “Can’t Hardly Wait

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  1. Andrew
    10/07/2008 at 8:54 pm

    I synched it up to Can’t Hardly Wait and you are totally right! How genius!

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