Sakes Alive!! “Presents”
Demo CD

This 3-track demo contains nothing more than artwork that says “Sakes Alive!! Presents” and a burned CD with the band logo on it, which is all you really need these days because if you’re interested in the band you could just look them up online and find out more about them. The songs are relatively short with rock-influenced punk and guitar lines that really carry each song through. One of the guitar tracks keeps in line with the drums and bass while the other occasionally goes off more into some good, anthemic melodies. And the great, gravel-ridden sounding vocals have a little bit of an influence from Refused as far as the delivery goes, which is obviously a good thing. “Your Money’s No Good Here” is the standout track on this CD with it’s rock-driven beats and contagious, descending chord progression. This demo is older as there are already new songs up on their myspace page which have the same sound and formula, but with even catchier songs that sound even more developed, so check them out at http://www.myspace.com/sakesalive. Overall, this is a great demo from a band that one should definitely look out for. Think indie-driven punk that’s almost impossible to not nod your head to. These guys probably put on a great show and I’m hoping to see them play at some point.

-Justin Fullam

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