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Stressed Out are a punk/thrash band from New Brunswick, NJ who play fast, thrashy, short songs infused with angry vocals that are like marriage to the aggression of the drums, bass and guitars on these four songs displayed on this split 7″  with Rip It Up, another NJ band of the same genre. The lyrics are very transparent in dealing with the everyday woes of today’s society and the feelings that it brings out, whether it be the choice to be a vegetarian or to speculate on someone’s hardships and learn from it by imagining yourself in their shoes (which more people should do these days). My personal favorite is the song “Stressed Out” with its straight-forward feelings of self-loathing and despair. The songs run right into each other without much room to breathe and this goes well with the overall urgent feel of the record. There are slight traces of Suicidal Tendencies and perhaps even Washington DC’s State of Alert and Minor Threat so if you are into this kind of sound, you will be into this record.

Rip It Up play fast, crunchy, moshy punk/thrash as well that sounds like great punk basement music, and this is meant in a good way, of course. The vocals are done well on both bands as you can feel them rather than just hear them. Also, this is great artwork. Notice the “X” is only on one of his hands. Can you guess which of these bands are straight edge? Check em out below!



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  1. Greg
    11/24/2009 at 11:11 pm

    Rip It Up rules!

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