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Updates on Define the Meaning (in regards to issue #9)

Hello folks ! We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving spending some quality time with your  families.  I wanted to apologize about the delay in issue #9. We had a few technical difficulties with a new printing company that we were going to go with but decided at best to part our ways and go back to our old printer. This issue is also taking a tad bit longer as we made some new changes to the magazine. I know it seems like we are always making change, but change in DTM world is always good!  In issue #9 you will notice that it will be our first newsprint issue with a full color glossy cover. (This is why the printing is taking a big longer then usual especially going to print around Holidays). To our subscribers you will be receiving your copies as soon as we get them in which will be sometime next week!

If you haven’t subscribed yet be sure to head over to www.magazines.com to subscribe for our one year or two-year subscriptions.

By early next year we will be expanding coming out with full digital versions of Define the Meaning making it easier to distribute  and to get more information on some of your favorite hardcore -punk –   metal bands. Not to frighten anyone we will still be publishing the news print version as Define the Meaning would not be the same with out it  !  If anyone ever has any questions about getting your band’s album reviewed, interviewed or even being business partners or wanting to write or be a photographer for  Define the Meaning please be sure to reach out to us as we are more than welcoming to new inquiries.

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