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Priestess prepare for long awaited US release

It’s been four years since Canadian hard rock band Priestess released their debut album, Hello Master, and they are back with a fiery vengeance that will have you rocking through eleven songs that “will scalp you and cast spells on you,” according to the band in a recent interview with DTM. The band released their sophomore album Prior to the Fire in Canada back in October, but it took some effort and searching to find the means to release the album in the States. The good news is, the wait is over and the album will be available at all your American record stores next month. The band recently wrapped up a tour with Trigger Effect and is on the verge of hitting the road again in Europe in a week. Check out what the guys had to say in a recent Q and A.

By: Melanie Wolfson

Congrats on the new album.  Can you tell me a little about it? How does it compare to Hello Master?
Thanks! The album is called Prior to the Fire, and it consists of 11 songs that will scalp you and cast spells on you. The only real comparison is that it’s the same four guys, but musically it’s a nice big step up we like to think!

You had a lot of problems with your American label releasing Prior to the Fire.  What happened exactly?
We weren’t on the same page. They wanted radio compatible songs; we just weren’t in that frame of mind this time around.

How did it ultimately work out?
We were dropped from the label. But the split was very amicable, and it actually worked out in our favor. We’ll be releasing the album in the US in early 2010 through Tee Pee records.

What did you guys do for the most part between the releases of your two albums- from 2006 to 2009?  How much time did you spend on tour and writing new material?
We spent the majority of that time touring. I think in 4 years, we had about 6 months at home, where we spent our time trying to understand home life. With the off time being spread out over 4 years, we never really had time to settle into a comfortable writing environment. Until of course, the end of the touring cycle.

Most recent tour was with Gwar and Cattle Decapitation.  How did the audience react to your more classic style of hard rock, while Gwar and CD are more on the gory/crazy side?
Well it wasn’t our first time out with GWAR. And like the first time, the crowd was great, in fact better because I think some of the GWAR regulars were more familiar with us. There are also a surprising number of Priestess fans at those shows. I think this time around we were more concerned with Cattle Decapitation, because we didn’t know what to expect going on after them. But, again, it turned out great!

How did you feel about taking Trigger Effect on the road with you on your last tour?
Very positive. We asked them to come out with us because they’re so fun to pick on and great to watch live.

What’s the audience response like in Canada versus the States?
More ayes, less ohs. Towns differ one from another, it’s too broad to compare US vs. Canada as wholes.

What up and coming bands are you listening to right now?
Children, Bison BC, Danava, Earthless, Barn Burner. 

What do you have planned for 2010?
What we know best…. lots and lots of touring. This time more overseas.

Anything else to add?
Thanks a lot

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