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Olde York Euro Tour Winter 2010

Jan. 6th – NYC – Ottawa, Canada – Frankfurt Airport, Germany

Tour Pass!
Tour Pass!

Leaving NYC to Ottawa, Canada then to Frankfurt, Germany!

Ted and Mike on a plane
Ted and Mike on a plane
NYC From Above
NYC From Above
Dee Plane - in Canada - freakin Cold!
Dee Plaaaaane – in Canada – freakin Cold!
Ted Sleepin'
Ted Sleepin’


Jan 7th – Frankfurt Airport – Aachen, Germany

Welcome to Germany! Just landed in Frankfurt!

While at the airport, we met up with our driver Freddy

We ran into our friends The Casualties at the Frankfurt airport… they were touring Europe too, but going the exact opposite way we were!

Then it was off to pick up the equipment from the good folks at Gates To Hell in Dortmund, Germany…

We then got in touch with Christian, the promoter of the first show, and headed to his place in Aachen, Germany…

We met up with Isabeth, Christian’s wife (and Co-Promoter) who took amazing care of us! We ate tons of food! Danke!

Then walked around Aachen…

Later that night we finally met Christian (owner of Lion Heart Records)

we then headed over to the MusikBunker for the show….

It was about 3AM when we got all packed up and ready for bed, -5C outside and tired from the flying. Thank you for the great service Christian and Isabeth! DANKE SCHOËN!!!

The Freddy Mobile!

New OY Stickers! Thanks from Countdown!


King Freddy The 1st

German Homer Simpson works there

Street Flyers for our show!

Isabeth and friend taking us around Aachen

The Oldest Pub in Aachen

Olde York Price List In Euros

Danke to Volka Racho for these Photos:

Olde York And Christian from Lion Heart Records


Jan 8th – Essen, DE

We overheard there was a big snow storm coming, so we left early to Essen, DE…
Played in Cafe Nova, where we shared the Stage with 2 powerful bands… Strength and Go For it.
After the show, we headed towards Belgium to stay at our Driver Freddy’s place… (he lives on a horse farm)
Then Ted and Blake went out drinking in the town’s local pub. Came back at 6AM

Haris from Go For It

Freddy checkin up on his latest porn sites

Strength and Olde York


Jan 9th – Den Haag, NL

That morning Freddy’s Parents with true Belgian Hospitality, made us a great breakfast before we headed to Holland…
On the Road to Den Haag, NL., we made a one hour detour towards the ever-so-popular spot of Amsterdam. Freddy dropped us off in the heart of the town and said, “You have one hour, meet back here… The Red Light District is that way…”
We walked around there for a bit, and saw the various girls in their doorways… The best sign was: live action porn inside!

Headed down to the Venue where we met Erik the promoter from Old School Alliance
and other great people! Sam, Daniel, Marcel, Mark OSA, and Mark 21GS, Maggie (just to name a few) and by the way, if any bands need a merch girl, Sam is looking for a band to tour with!!
It was a great show, and a pleasure to share the stage with great bands and great people, Pride Runs Deep, 21 Gun Salute and All For Nothing.
After the show we headed back to Freddys farm to sleep… only this time he went to the bar alone at 3am haha…

Freddy’s Farm House



OY In Amsterdam!

Blake Saying, wheres the girls?!

Daniel Ted and Mr. Orange

Den Haag Gang!


Jan 10th – Chemitz, DE

In Belgian hospitality fashion, freddy made us Pommes Frites… It was a great way to start the day!
We then headed towards East Germany! Chemitz, DE. Home of Karl Marx!
Took about 8 hours from Belgium, mostly due to the snow storm and the clearing of the Autobahn.
Got to Subway to Peter, met with the owner/promoter/chef who made us a great personal veggie dinner while freddy had his favorite, Banana beer.
Had a great show! A lot of people came. Even the snow storm didn’t stop them! Thats Hardcore!
Met some great people, who showed tons of support!
Slept down the street in the cold un-heated punk rock band room. Filled with posters and messages, reminding us of how many bands and groupies slept on those beds haha…

Freddy Cookin up some Belgian Fries


Subway To Peter!

New Friends!
Danke to Jack McBeer for the photos:

Its a tradition at Subway to Peter, you must drink a booze or syrup garlic shot…

Walking to the band room

Band Room!


Jan 11th – Berlin, DE

The Road to Berlin!
Checked into our hostel-hotel and headed out to explore a couple hours of what berlin had for us New Yorkers…
Went to Wild at heart where we ran into our New Yorker friend Shannon who currently resides in Berlin. Hendrik and Bianca also came down to hang out.
Then we ran into the the Norwegian 3 (the Berlin Bulldogs) who kept buying us drinks non stop throughout the night! They showed massive support and knew every song!
Dev, Mike and Shannon went on a little adventure to see whats left of the berlin wall at 3am

Our Hotel

Mike And Blake Bringing in their gutiars

A Berlin Wall Divider – East Meets West

German’s Finest


Berlin Wall

Vast Berlin Wall


Jan 12th – Hradec Kralove, CZ

Czech here we come!!
On the way to Hradec Kralove, we decided to make the classic Kafka-stopover, to Prague. In no time, Freddy took us to the center of the city and threw us out of the car (with love of course!) and said I’ll see you back here in 15 mins…
Saw just a few of the sites of Prague including the famous bridge and tourist shops…

We then drove over to our show in the city of Hradec Kralove… Met up with our man Helmet, the promoter at RC Strojovna Club. Then Czech Mark from Brooklyn! Who now lives back home in Czech… Funny how he knew everybody from the NYHC scene that we know… Good to talk to a ny’er again. We shared the stage with Cross Check and PNS.
The locals gave us a present, a home made brandy called “Black Death.” 51%! It helped keep us warm in the winter.
We did an interview with our new friend Petr of SkinRead zine.
Show ended at 1AM… Then Freddy (the man!) Decided to take us on the long journey to Vicenza italy in 1 long over night drive….

To Prague!

Beggar laying on the icy ground floor

Olde York Merch Prices in Czech Koruna

Black Death and Czech Mark

51% “See you in hell”

Helmut Czech Promoter!

Hradec Kralove kids!

New Fan dust-taggin’ our van with “We Love Your Band”


Jan 13th – Vicenza, IT

Around 3AM we crossed the border to Germany, leaving Czech,
6AM Hit Austrian border leaving Germany.
9AM Crossed the Austrian/Italian Alps. Viva Italia!
Made it to Vicenza at fuckin 11AM in 1 shot… What a great guy Freddy is, driving 10 damn hours straight overnight with no breaks! And on little sleep!
We met up with our label owner Luca of Countdown Records. And hung out around the town… drinking café and eating pasta. (hey im not stereotyping, thats what we did, ask luca)
We also met up with our tour-booking-main-guy, Padrone Aldo il Napoletano.
Bar-hopped a bit… Then headed over to the Sabotage Bar (our venue).
Ate more pasta, then did an interview for Salad Days magazine. Thanks to Martina for setting up the interview and snapping a few photos.

Salad Days Interview

After the show we went to grab a quick bite to eat in an area full of prostitutes, and a few inside eating, or just waiting for drunk people to walk in and want more then a Panini.

Countdown Rex HQ

Countdown Rex HQ 2

1st Pasta dish of Italy (but not the last)

OY In Vicenza

Prima café di Italia

Dopo il café di Italia – Classic Italian toilet

Sabotage A Tutto HC!!!!

Screaming Whores and Olde York
Grazie mille a Martina Lavarda per il fotografia:

Aldo (Pizza Connection Booking) & Olde York


Jan 14th – Rome, IT

Half of us stayed in a hotel the other half stayed at Luca’s place… The people that stayed with Luca got a nice Sicilian breakfast (Cannoli and Cappuccino).

Then we made it on the road to Rome!
Of course Aldo (il Napoletano) said to the Driver, “Freddy I have to take a shit” Then we pulled over and stopped at an AutoGrill… But all Aldo had to do was take a smoking break and Café…. Cazzo Aldo!
Got to Rome later that night, hung out for a bit then played the show. For dinner we had a plate of pasta… Then pizza right after.
After the show, some of us were tired and went to the Hostel to sleep in… The others went to Alex from Strength Approach’s Tattoo Shop, where we had an all night Tattoo Party! It was Olde York, Strength Approach, GTA, Payback, Pizza Connection Booking and Countdown Records. Damiano from Payback (and our promoter for Rome), Emiliano of Strength Approach, Sandro from Grand Theft Age, and Blake from Olde York getting tattooed… Got back to the Hostel at around 6am

Ted, Aldo & Mustache

Tattoo Party!!! – Blake and Alex in the background

Roma Souvenir!


Jan 15th – Florence, IT

Arrived at the squat/venue, K100 Fuegos. It was a Communist/Anti-Fascist themed place… Tons of photos of Ché and various other leaders and flags. Very Political.
In-between our set they played the Fiorentina (florence football team) Anthem… Everybody sung along as Blake conducted…
The song:

After the show there was a huge party with people drinking and singing italian oi songs about fuck fascists and such… It was great time!
That night we stayed in the cold attic… Ted passed out on the computer while trying to type to his new Czech friends….

Flyer for tonights show

The venue

Pizza Party!

Freddy Sleeping while the bands are playing

View of Bands from our bedroom

Ted and His Italian Twin

Aldo and his new best friend!

Forza Fiorentina!

Look, Twins!

Ted sleeping while trying to google translate a message in Czech


Jan 16th – Milan, IT

Forza Milano!
Got to SGA! Freddy went to the Hostel to take a shower, but they wouldn’t let him, so he cursed them out! He needed a shower! poor guy! (Im surprised they let us stay there after the words he used towards them. haha)
Played with our good friends, Strength Approach and No More Fear for their reunion show! Also played with our new friends True Spirit. (We demanded that No More Fear play a reunion show for us since blake was their old roadie, and so they did! Suckers! hahah 🙂 )
It was a great show! at least 200+ people packed into the small venue. Hope it wasnt No More Fear’s Last show! They dedicated a song to blake and how he lost some money in Atlantic City, so they covered Floorpunch – Let It Ride.

We got back to the Hostel late that night in central Milan, full of Asian Prostitutes…

AutoGril! Best place in Italy!

Our Hotel, we only had 5 hours to sleep there… Freddy’s favorite Hotel!

Aldo and Freddy, BFF-For-Eva!

Before the show

Olde York wearing the Gold sponsored T-shirts!

Olde York and Strength Approach Merch Table

Strength Approach!

After The Show

Blake, Saverio (King of Italy) and Aldo

Olde York European Tour 2010 Road Crew!
(from Left to right)
Freddy, Aldo (pizza connection), Luca (Countdown Records), Saverio (Concrete Block), Dan (No More Fear), Blake, Mike, Dev and Ted

Many Thanks to Bensch for all the great photos!



Jan 17th – Ulm, DE

We said goodbye to Luca from Countdown Records and Aldo from Pizza Connection Booking as we went north to our final show in Ulm, DE.
In the Van we had to throw away Freddy’s Trucker Bomb. (Look up a trucker bomb if you dont know what that is)
We met Dan, singer of No More Fear, Grazia (who wanted to come to ulm with us) and Marion (The Promoter) and Natalie for the Ulm show in Switzerland, to grab something to eat. Then we raced them through the Swiss Alps and into south Germany… And of course, we won!
It was a great final show to wrap the tour! We saw some good old friends from Austria and Poland who even stopped by to say hello!
The audience showed massive support, they even organized a 10 man mosh-pit-row-boat In the middle of our set! they all went on the floor in the middle of the mosh pit and simulated a row boat! That’s fuckin’ Punk Rock!

Crossing Swiss Boarder from Italy – Ciao Italia

Marion took a photo of us winning the race in Switzerland.

Side shot of us winning the race in Switzerland…. There’s Dan And Freddy!

Swiss Alps

Outside the Club

Chief Jesus Genius – Freddy

OY Sticker that has been there for 3 years!

Cheap Beer!!

Many Thanks to Bensch for all the great photos!


Mosh Pit Row Boat!



Jan 18th – Frankfurt Airport – NYC

We left the club and Marion at 430am to leave for frankfurt. Half asleep we said our goodbyes and got to the airport at around 8am.
The flight turned out to be 4 and half hours delayed, so we didnt leave till about 3.30pm…
Landed in NYC, back home, end of tour!
Till next time! Thank you to everybody who we met along the way, old friends and new ones! To Promoters and other people! Keep it up! Thanks for all the hospitality! Thank you Aldo from Pizza Connection Bookings and Luca from Countdown Records! And most of all, thank you Freddy for taking our Yankee asses all throughout europe. The best driver in the world!







Last Load in of the tour!

At Frankfurt, saying bye to freddy as he smashes blakes hand with the van door.

Waiting 4.5 hours at the airport

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  1. dan
    01/29/2010 at 9:54 am

    meeting you again was so great! the band rocks!
    and reading the tour log was funny, hope to meet you guys soon…
    too bad blake didn’t want to lose some more money at the swiss casino…

  2. 02/09/2010 at 8:30 am

    Damn the piece of the netherlands is just genious!
    and the sticker of OY @ the back of the van is cool aswel!
    great picture blog!
    saved al of the pictures @ my laptop (if you guys dont mind)

    Bye Dudes! Keep it alive! OY = Greatband!

  1. 02/08/2010 at 7:30 am

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