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Don Giovanni Records Showcase: 2.6.10 at the Bowery Ballroom

This is one of those shows that I almost missed but I’m glad I didn’t. I bought my ticket the day of this sold-out show online and headed over by myself knowing that I was in for a  night of great music. The place was packed and I got to see a lot of familiar faces and the crowd there was really friendly overall so it was a great time. All of the bands that I saw put on an extraordinary show and the sound was good, too. I was able to get a good spot in the front to take some pictures on my little digital camera so here are a few of them. This was the second time I was able to see Black Wine play and this set was just perfect, especially since I got their record at their last show and got to know the songs better before seeing them this time around. I was psyched that they played one of my favorite songs off the record called “Greengrove Road” because it sounds kind of haunted. JEFF the Brotherhood played an explosive set and the crowd went pretty crazy for them. I got a slight Cliff Burton feel from their sound which is awesome and they played KISS songs on their i-pod in between songs during their set. Definitely check them out. Screaming Females were also great as usual and unfortunately I left after they played because I vowed to leave at a semi-decent hour to hang out at home with my wife while she painted for her next art show. So I missed Forgetters and Shellshag and I’m sure that I missed some more awesomeness because I had seen Shellshag play the Mercury Lounge a couple of months ago and they were a lot of fun. I’ll see them again at some point, I’m sure. But all in all, yea…this show was a great experience and all of the bands that I saw were just terrific, and nice people as well. And as a bonus, I bought some merch and got a goody-bag with some free Don Giovanni Records releases.  🙂

Groucho Marxists

Black Wine

More photos after the jump…

The Measure (sa)

JEFF the Brotherhood

Screaming Females


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