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Terrible Things Play a Terribly Awesome Set At Highline Ballroom, NYC

Terrible Things
at the
Highline Ballroom, NYC

By Karen Mitchell

I’ll be honest, whenever I hear of any upcoming bands that promote themselves as (ex-member(s) of insert band name here), I start to question myself on if I should check out the band’s music or live show. At times I can be critical and in certain cases some bands truly have to prove their name and talent as artists.

About a month ago I kept hearing – was more so being harassed to check out Terrible Things, which I learned is Fred  Mascherino’s latest creation in the alternative rock world. For those who don’t know, Fred was known as lead guitarist and co-vocalist in  Taking Back Sunday and front man of his side project The Color Fred. While pursuing the Color Fred, Fred Mascherino formed Terrible Things with Josh Eppard (Coheed & Cambria) and Andy Jackson (Hot Rod Circuit).  The way the band came together is really an interesting story. To read full story you can check out an interview that Jared Bowers of  Lush Beat did with Fred here.

Being a huge fan of Taking Back Sunday and hearing that Terrible Things was going to play at New York City’s own Highline Ballroom, I decided to go check out the band and the venue. Leaving about 5pm I arrived in New York City an hour later and found parking just a few minutes before Terrible Things was supposed to go on, just making it on time for the bands set. For never being at Highline Ballroom I felt comfortable even on a day that was stuffy and ninety degrees outside. Highline Ballroom had space the size of Bowery Ballroom and had on the air conditioning which was nice especially if you sit in the lounge area. By the time Terrible Things set started the fans were already packing the venue, which I was surprised to see this because at most National tours music fans usually don’t start to show up until the second act.

Terrible Things opened up their set playing (“Terrible Things”), and then continued to play (“Lullaby”) and (“Not Alone “). In between songs Fred Mascherino announced that their debut album will be released in August, and then continued to play (“Hills Of Birmingham”).Through the whole set the crowd was roaring with excitement and filled with energy. Terrible Things played eight songs before Story Of The Year went on. I was told before the show to leave my brass knuckles at home, which I’m glad I did because watching Terrible Things was by far one of the best alternative rock sets I’ve seen in quite a few years, and you can quote me on that. Whether you were a fan of any of Fred  Mascherino’s previous bands or not, if Terrible Things come to your town be sure to check them out.

Up next Terrible Things will be playing at Mr. Small’s in Milvale, Pennsylvania with Story Of The Year and Anberlin which is this evening at 7PM.  For more information on tour dates be sure to check out http://www.myspace.com/terriblethings.

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