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Define the Meaning Magazine Volunteers With Operation Gratitude In Sending Music To Troops In Afghanistan, Iraq & All Over The World


Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Contact: Karen Mitchell
Telephone: (201) – 625 – 3963
Email: definethemeaningzine@gmail.com

Define the Meaning Magazine Volunteers With Operation Gratitude In Sending Music To Troops In Afghanistan, Iraq & All Over The World

Define the Meaning Magazine; www.definethemeaning.com an upcoming quarterly lifestyle/music magazine for fans of punk, hardcore and metal will be working closely with Operation Gratitude in sending music to the troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and all over the world.

“I recently came across Operation Gratitude while looking for organizations I could donate music to. Running a music magazine, I receive hundreds of music cds per month. After I am done listening to them they are still in perfect condition and they are just lying around. Being involved with music I want to make a difference in someone’s life and music is the best way to do just that. The troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and all over the world are fighting for our freedom so if I could make someone smile while they are away from home by sending them music, then I know I’ve done my job.” – Karen Mitchell, Executive Managing Editor at Define the Meaning Magazine

“When Karen Mitchell of Define the Meaning reached out to me about participating with Operation Gratitude I was ecstatic. We already have sent over 550, 000 care packages to individual service members in Iraq and Afghanistan so if Operation Gratitude could work closely with Define the Meaning on sending another 500,000 + cds & care packages it would mean the world to Operation Gratitude.” – Carolyn: Operation Gratitude

If you or someone you know is interested in submitting new or used music to send to Define the Meaning for Operation Gratitude please contact Karen Mitchell at definethemeaningzine@gmail.com or call (201)-625-3963 and we will give you instructions and guidelines.

About Operation Gratitude: “Operation Gratitude, www.OperationGratitude.com, is the nonprofit, volunteer-based organization that sends care packages and letters of support to U.S. Military deployed overseas.  Its mission is to lift morale, put a smile on a service member’s face and express the appreciation of the American people for the sacrifices of the men and women defending our freedom.  To date, Operation Gratitude has sent over 550,000 care packages to individual Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines in hostile regions such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and onto Military ships all over the world.

After 9-11, founder Carolyn Blashek felt a passionate desire to help fight the war on terrorism. Although then a 46-year-old mother of two, her first thought was to join the Military. She quickly found out she was too old for duty and started volunteering at the military lounge in the Los Angeles airport.  In March 2003, a soldier came into the office and broke down at her desk. He was on leave from a war zone for his mother’s funeral, his wife had left him and his only child had died as an infant–he had no one else in his life. “I’m going back over there; I don’t think I’ll make it back this time, but it really doesn’t matter because no one would even care” he told her. Right then Blashek realized that when bullets are flying, it’s critical for troops to know that someone cares about them as an individual. That’s when Operation Gratitude was born.”


If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Karen Mitchell, please call (201) – 625 – 3963 or email definethemeaningzine@gmail.com

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