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FAN TIME: An Interview With Lemuria!

From January 3rd, 2011 until January 11th, 2011 we ran FAN TIME with LEMURIA and with Alex Kerns (drums) help we were able to get some answers.

First off congratulations on the release of “Pebble.” You must feel extremely excited releasing a new album through Bridge 9 and having new music out right in the beginning of a New Year. How did the signing of Bridge 9 come about?

We had heard through the grape vine that B9 had been listening to our first album “Get Better” at their headquarters and I sent them an email seeing if they were interested in putting out our new album.  They responded with positive news and here we are!

If you weren’t signed to Bridge 9 what were some other labels you had in mind?

Merge, Matador, Epitaph, or even staying Asian Man because they’ve been great to us in the past.  B9 definitely ended up being the best choice we could have ever made though.

You seem to choose interesting names. Why did you choose the name “Pebble” for the title of the album and Lemuria for the name of your band?

Lemuria was chosen because of my fascination with ancient continents, myths and conspiracies.  Pebble was something that Sheena came up with in the midst of recording the album at the Magpie Cage.  She was trying to think of words that sounded like how the album felt to her.  I’m still a little confused by it, but I also think it’s perfect at the same time.  Can’t really explain it very well!

How is it being on a label such as Bridge 9?

Excellent.  Great communication, very reliable, incredible people who are excited about what they are doing and always seem to be thinking outside the box.

Do you feel like you may have to work harder being one of the only indie / rock bands on Bridge 9?

Maybe.  But we always work hard anyway.  So hopefully that will work out for us!  Bridge 9 doesn’t pressure us into doing anything we don’t want to do; they just constantly throw great ideas and opportunities our way.

Being on a hardcore label how much would you say you have been influenced by hardcore music in general? If you are major fans of hardcore how did you fall in love with hardcore?

Each of us has played in hardcore bands before like StillxIll, Lieutenant, and Splag, and we grew up musically in a hardcore and punk community.  It definitely has influenced they way we carry our band and ourselves.  All the local bands that we were exposed to were hardcore bands.  Being from Buffalo and into music it’d be a shame to oversee hardcore.

When you play shows do you prefer to play with a line up of all indie/rock bands or a full line up of all hardcore/punk bands or a mixture of both?

We like a good mixture, which is what we pretty get when we go on tour.

With “Pebble” coming out this week what are some of your plans for the upcoming months?

We are currently on an east coast US tour, and we are playing a bunch of shows this spring as well.  We’re planning to do a European tour this summer as well.

How did you all come together and start playing music?

In 2004, Sheena and I started the band and we recorded a 5-song demo.  We have known each other since our late high school years and going to shows in the same small town of Olean, NY.  Max we had met on our first weekend trip outside of Buffalo with our original bass player and years later he ended up joining the band as a friend who has always been there for us who finally found his way to Buffalo to make it work.

Can you tell us a little about your past on if any of you have been in any other bands together or been in any other bands in general?

I’ve played in a bunch of bands on guitar, but Lemuria is my first band on drums.  I was in a hardcore band called Still X Ill.  We were a straightedge hardcore band that had only released a demo and a 7″.  I played in a band in high school called The Young Ones, we had released a few 7″s as well.  Sheena played in a power violence band called Splag, they released a 7″.

What are some of your goals and visions when it comes to the band?

We are looking forward to touring, traveling to Japan and Australia because those are a couple places we have not been to yet.  We would love to tour with Superchunk.  That would be an incredible goal to accomplish.

Do you feel you get a lot of attention due to the fact that you have a female vocalist?

We probably get some attention, and hopefully it’s inspirational for younger females.  But we don’t focus on the fact that we have a female in our band.  Sheena would rather just be looked at as a musician instead of as a “girl in a band.”

When it comes to releasing music most bands are deciding to release digital albums and vinyl only. Do you think you will ever go completely digital/vinyl?

Possibly, if people stop buying CD’s completely then I suppose there would be no point in pressing them.  But at the moment there are still enough people who enjoy have a CD collection and people are still picking them up so we wouldn’t stop any time soon.  We really love vinyl; I can’t see that ever stopping for us.

If you could tell music critics one thing what would it be?

The album is called “Pebble,” not “Pebbles”.

How much does being in Lemuria mean to you?

It basically defines me.  We all put so much into this band.  The songs mean a lot to us, and they document the most important things in our lives.

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