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San Francisco’s NEON PISS Demo Reviewed!

It’s a fairly unusual occasion when I hear a demo that’s so exceptionally good, that I feel the need to tell everyone I know to listen to it. 2011 isn’t even a month deep yet and I feel like it’s already happen a few times. San Francisco’s Neon Piss is no exception. I don’t quite remember hearing something so immediately striking in a long time. With only a demo cassette to their credit (yes they still make those) Neon Piss are already making waves with all the west coast punk rock know-it-alls, being compared to the Wipers and Jay Reatard. Personally for me, there is a familiarity, but I can’t place it in influence. I can hear At the Drive In, Wire, The Buzzcocks, and Sticks & Stones… and a hint of power pop. I can also, confidently suggest that fans of The Misfits will undoubtedly enjoy the track Look Homeward Angel. Ultimately though, Neon Piss come through my speakers as just a truly original punk band. Awesome… I can’t wait to see what these dudes do next!

In these glorious days of instant gratification you can go hear it right now HERE


You can contact the band for a copy of this cassette at pissingneonpiss@gmail.com

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