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FAN TIME: An Interview With Against Me!

Mitch: Now that you are no longer with Sire, where will the band go next?

We’re not totally sure just yet, this is all really fresh. We’ll figure it out eventually though.

Mitch: You guys went back to Sabot for High Pressure Low 7.” Will they have anything to do with the next LP or any other future releases?

Jordan, our manager runs Sabot. We share a practice space/office space. So it’s not really “going back” per say. There’s always the optionto do something with Sabot. All we have to do is yell into the other room and say “Hey, Jordan, you want to put a record out…”

Jon: Does the split from Sire also signal the end of the bands relationship with producer Butch Vig?

No, I’d very much like to keep working with Butch.

Justin: How does it make you feel when you hear “fans” dissing your new album, and/or preaching that all they want to hear are your earlier releases?

I feel fairly ambivalent.

Justin: What advice would you give to starting musicians who are trying to turn what they love into a career?

Don’t listen to what anyone else has to say about what you’re doing, just be sure yourself. Also, be sure and have fun with it!

Justin: What would you say are the advantages/disadvantages of recording a record yourself, as opposed to having a label help you record it with?

The biggest advantage would be the financial side of things. Not every band can self-finance recording an album. Then if you’re putting out the album yourself you end up having to wear a lot of different hats, you aren’t able just to focus on writing and recording the songs, cause you’re not just the artist, you’re the record label too.

Sam: What happened to the 2010 UK tour and why was it canceled?

There were a lot of reasons behind the decision to cancel the tour dates. Some of them had to do with issues happening in peoples personal life, others were band related. It’s all complicated. We just needed to take a second and regroup, figure some things out.

Sam: What was your intended meaning behind “I Was A Teenage Anarchist,” because there have been of pseudo-debate about it on sites like Youtube etc. I’d like to know exactly what you were feeling when writing it?

I had been attracted to the line for a while, I had been kicking it around in notebooks. “I Was  A Teenage Anarchist”, I liked the sensationalism of it. I thought it would be an ironic approach to the subject of Anarchism. I wasn’t trying to write anything autobiographical, but at the same time I was drawing from my past, I got involved in radical politics and started identifying as an Anarchist probably around the age of 14? The moral of the song is to beware of mobs, organized groups of people, whether that’s the church, the army, police, or “revolutionaries”. I just don’t trust large groups of people.

Brendan: Do you plan to make any more music videos for any of the songs of White Crosses?

I’m not sure at the moment, possibly, I’d like to. At the moment we don’t have a label backing the album anymore, so it would be up to us to pay for.

Sara: What was the inspiration behind “Because of the Shame?”

I wrote the song for a friend of mine who passed away. The song’s a true story, the lyrics aren’t cryptic, it’s all there.

Eduardo: Your pop sensibilities really came out on White Crosses, how much of this was organic and how much came out of the recording sessions?

I don’t ever really think about things like this. I’ve always written songs with melody in them. I think that we added in a lot more harmonies on White Crosses, so that might make some of the melodies pop out a little more.

Eduardo: How does it feel to write songs that people consider their life anthems?

If someone feels that way about a song I’ve written then of course it’s flattering. When it comes down to it all I’m hoping to do with our music is make a connection, that’s what I get out of listening to music. When you connect with a song you feel a little less lonely in this world.

Eduardo: Did the Tonight We Have 35%, Searching For A Former Clarity and The Ocean saga continue onto White Crosses? (I’m referring this to an interview you did with the Against Me! fan forum.

I think that the song Suffocation could be looked at as a continuation of the plot.

Brendan: Do you plan to write a new record for 2011?

I’m not sure if we’ll have it released by the end of the year but I’ve writing for a new album, yes.

Pedro: What do you think about 9/11 and the New World Order?

Watch out for the Lizard people.

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