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East Coast Post-Post Hardcore Weekend

OK… Nevermind how great these shows are, these ads for the East Coast Post-Post Hardcore weekend are so frequent and amazing at this point, that it’s hard not post them up here. So here’s a new one. Support these shows!

California’s Your Favorite Trainwreck, which features Farside frontman Popeye, and Gameface frontman Jeff Caudill have announce they will be playing four east coast shows from February 17 to Feb 20. One of which will include the reunion of legendary 90’s hardcore band Shades Apart and beloved New Brunswick, NJ hardcore band The Fire Still Burns. All of the shows will include New Brunswick, NJ’s Communication Redlight, who released a split 7″ with YFT last year on Devildance Records. There are streaming samplers for each show, so you can hear the bands. For all you 90s Revelation Records fans out there, you are going want to be sure to catch one of these.

February 17th @ The Troc (Philly, PA) – The Biltmores, Your Favorite Trainwreck, Communication Redlight & Stoked On Being Pumped

February 18th @ The Court Tavern (New Brunswick, NJ) – Shades Apart, The Fire Still Burns, Communication Redlight, Your Favorite Trainwreck & Kill Wealthy Dowager

February 19th @ The Mill Hill Basement (Trenton, NJ) – Your Favorite Trainwreck, Detournement & Let Me Run

February 20th @ The Clash Bar (Clifton, NJ) – Detournement, Your Favorite Trainwreck, The Wait, Communication Redlight & (Damn) This Desert Air

Find out more and listen to songs from each band at www.postposthardcoreweekend.com.

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