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Roger Miret Speaks Out About First Four Tracks On ‘My Life, My Way’

On March 22nd, 2011 New York Hardcore Legends Agnostic Front will be releasing their latest album “My Life, My Way” in North America.

Roger Miret speaks out about the first four songs on the album:


1. That’s Life – In today’s society, everyone is so busy behind their computer screens. Spreading hate and just bull shit behind their Internet walls. We speak about the youth getting sucked into this way of life and not dealing with real life situations the way we did as kids.

2. Self Pride – talks about what motivates me to strive to be the best person I could be. With the right amount of determination and integrity you can achieve almost anything! Self pride!!

3. Until The Day I Die – Speaks of the loyalty we have for our friends and family through good times and bad.  Sticking together with the ones who stayed true and forming and strong bond of friendship through the hardships of life.

4. Now And Forever – this song tells the story of how we created a scene for people who didn’t fit in. Finding a place and a movement we can go to and be our selves. With the intensity of the music and a strong message we found a place where we belong. Hardcore Now and Forever!

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