Music By People Like Us

Awake/Strong & Define The Meaning Magazine to release
‘Music By People Like Us’ Compilation in 2007

Awake/Strong and Define The Meaning Magazine have announced that they will be releasing a Hardcore compilation that will be released on June 26th, 2007. ‘Music By People Like Us,’ will feature the following bands: Agnostic Front, Ambitions, Blacklisted, Deathcycle, Deathkiller, District 9, Fahrenheit 451, Flashlight Arcade, H20, Ignite, Kill Your Idols, Madball, Modern Life Is War, My Turn To Win, Olde York, One4One, Sick Of It All, Skare Tactic, The Pledge, Walter Schreifels and Wisdom In Chains 

You can expect unreleased tracks by District 9, Flashlight Arcade, H20, One4One, Skare Tactic, The Pledge and Walter Schreifels.

‘Music By People Like Us’ will be available in the US, Europe and Japan.

“Check this out. C…RAP is doing a contest where we‘ll be picking 1 band to appear on the Awake/Strong comp, “Music By People Like Us”… Btw, we’re only accepting cassette demos for entry in the contest. Spread the word. We’ve also added new interviews with Ron from Deathcycle & MexiMike from Furious Styles, pics from the Merauder video shoot, a Chicago Scene report, and a brand new page of flyers. ”

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